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Dynamint Peppermint oil Udder Cream 1/2 Litre bottle Sale! any qty

Dynamint Peppermint oil Udder Cream 1/2 Litre bottle Sale! any qty
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Introduced to Canadian and U.S. farmers in June 1999, Dynamint udder cream has enjoyed tremendous acceptance and success as a tool for use in maintaining healthy udders in the dairy herd. Many herdsmen are claiming its effectiveness in helping to reduce udder edema in the fresh cow as well as helping to reduce mastitis flare ups when early detection of possible problems exist. Unlike some competitive products, Dynamint unique formula allows for very rapid transfer through the skin which allows it to get to work almost immediately. Carefully chosen essential oils noted for their efficacy over many years in treating fungal and bacterial infection are packaged in a true oil emulsion. This gives Dynamint its appealing non greasy properties. The main ingredient, Peppermint Oil, helps to increase blood flow to those areas affected, and coupled with Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil, external bacteria and fungal organisms are minimized. The addition of Calendula Oil acts as a time proven skin conditioner along with the moisturizing base cream.

Directions For Use

As a Daily Treatment; Simply massage a generous amount of Dynamint Udder Cream over the udder area to help reduce the chances of udder edema, mastitis flare ups and help to maintain healthy udders in the dairy herd.

Oxytocin Replacement; Dairymen are reporting that massaging Dynamint Udder Cream onto the udder has been an excellent replacement for the Oxytocin injection that they previously used for milk down.

User Comments:

Ted De Jong, of Rosegate Dairy Farm, Matsqui, B.C. Canada says, Since being introduced to Dynamint in June 1999, we have included it as an integral part of our udder health program. Withholding milk costs us money, and in cases of udder edema and Mastitis prevention, Dynamint gives us an edge. We used to reach for the antibiotic tube real quick, but if the case is mild, we will try Dynamint first. On cows that have hard quarters and are on antibiotic therapy we still massage Dynamint into the quarter, as it seems to aid in a speedier recovery. We like the concentrate form as it gives us an economic product, and is real easy to mix. In the summertime we add a little dynamint concentrate to our fly spray in the collecting arena which really seems to work well in keeping flies away. I would recommend it to all dairy operators as a beneficial product.

Peppermint Oil: Effective circulation stimulant, speeds healing

Eucalyptus Oil Rubefactant and skin conditioner, provides rapid penetration of the oils deep into the skin

Tea Tree Oil Skin conditioner and minimizes bacteria

Calendula Oil Soothing skin conditioner

This cream is water based so that when it is rubbed on, the water evaporates leaving the oils to penetrate the skin and go directly to work. No oil based stick cream left on the udder or hands

The key to Dynamint is in its unique ability to take high quality essential oils rapidly through the skin where they get to work right away healing and restoring. Oils are not very effective sitting on top of the skin.

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